Bose built its reputation with an uncompromising commitment to lifelike sound. Ground-breaking audio achievements have resulted in historic milestones which form the foundation for our future endeavours.

1964 Founding of Bose

In the 1950s, Dr. Amar G. Bose observed that loudspeakers didn't deliver natural sound. Extensive research into the science of sound led to the formation of Bose Corporation.

1968 Birth of a Legend

The legendary 901® DIRECT/REFLECTING® speaker is introduced. It reflects 89% of the sound off walls — similar to a live concert — for natural, lifelike sound.

1972 Pro Loudspeakers

Bose enters the professional ranks by producing a loudspeaker system designed exclusively for the demanding, discriminating tastes of the professional musician.

1972 SYNCOM® Testing Computer

Bose establishes the proprietary SYNCOM® computer that acoustically measures speakers against a laboratory model to guarantee a level of consistency and reliability.

1975 World's Best-Seller

The 301® DIRECT/REFLECTING® speaker system is launched. Renowned BOSE® technologies, versatile design and affordability make it one of the world's best-selling speakers.

1982 Moving Sound

Bose introduces a custom-designed, factory-installed system specifically for automobiles. Today some of the world's most luxurious cars feature BOSE® sound systems.

1984 Acoustic Waveguide

Bose designs acoustic waveguide technology and brings component system sound to a compact system. Experience full sound from an extremely small enclosure.

1986 Technology in ACOUSTIMASS® Speakers

Technology in ACOUSTIMASS® speakers is born. Room-filling sound is available without a room full of equipment. VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE® speaker system includes cube speaker arrays.

1987 Inventor Of The Year

Acoustic waveguide technology creates a stir in the scientific community, earning Dr. Bose and Dr. William Short "Inventor of the Year" honours.

1989 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headsets

Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headsets by Bose are created to bring clear communication and protection into the cockpit for pilots and on the ground for air and ground crew.

1990 LIFESTYLE® Systems

Bose develops LIFESTYLE® systems. Our proprietary approach and VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE® speaker system take home entertainment to a new level of performance.

1993 WAVE® Radio

The WAVE® radio uses acoustic waveguide technology to deliver rich, deep sound not previously heard from an enclosure this small.

1994 AUDITIONER® Audio Demonstrator

AUDITIONER® audio demonstrator is created. You hear the exact acoustic performance of a building's proposed sound system before the building is constructed.

1995 JEWEL CUBE® Speaker

Bose designs the JEWEL CUBE® speaker to bring high performance sound down to size — easily hidden behind your hand. Exclusively available with the LIFESTYLE® 50, 48, 35 and 30 home entertainment systems and the LIFESTYLE® 20 music system.

1998 AudioPilot® Signal Processing Circuitry

BOSE® AudioPilot® signal processing circuitry is introduced, setting a new standard in vehicle noise compensation. A microphone continuously monitors the total sound level inside the car, and BOSE® digital electronics separate the music you want to hear from the noise you don't.

1998 Aviation Headset X

Bose is awarded the Aviation Consumer Magazine "Product of the Year" for the newly launched Aviation Headset X. This innovative headset utilises the proprietary technology used in TriPort® headphones to set a new standard in active noise reduction and comfort.

1999 VIDEOSTAGE®5 Decoding Circuitry

Bose introduces VIDEOSTAGE® 5 decoding circuitry for select LIFESTYLE® home entertainment systems. This innovative technology delivers a five-channel surround sound experience from any source, even older mono TV shows and movies.

1999 PERSONAL® Music Centre

The palm-sized PERSONAL® music centre is created for the LIFESTYLE® 50 digital audio home entertainment system. This portable command device gives you the freedom to control your system and see what is playing from anywhere around the home with a press of the touchscreen.

2001 The 3·2·1® Home Entertainment System

The idea of surround sound made simple takes a leap forward with the 3·2·1® home entertainment system. This DVD-based system offers a full surround sound experience from only two speakers.

2002 TriPort® Headphones

Bose introduces TriPort® headphones, combining audio performance, comfort and style in passive headphone design for hifi applications.

2003 ADAPTiQ® Audio Calibration System

Bose launches the ADAPTiQ® system, the first easy to use audio calibration system for sound that's customised to your particular room, speaker placement and listening positions.

2003 QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones

Bose introduces QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones, combining unsurpassed noise-reduction with advancements in audio performance, design, portability and convenience.

2004 Personalized Amplification System™ - Family of Products

Bringing the benefits of a live acoustic performance to amplified music. This family of products represents an entirely new approach to amplification. Inspired by Bose research into the performance needs of artists and the listening needs of their audiences.

2004 WAVE® Music System

Next-generation WAVE® technology features a dual-tapered waveguide enabling lower musical notes and crisper, more accurate tonal quality across a wider spectrum of sound. Updated styling combines classic feel with a larger display, more intuitive interface and slot-loaded CD player.

2004 uMusic® Intelligent Playback System

The unveiling of the uMusic® intelligent playback system, another industry "first" from Bose. The uMusic® system monitors the stored music you play, learns your likes and dislikes and your preferences for different times or moods, then is able to select the music you enjoy, automatically.

2004 Gold Medal Sound

Bose Professional Systems division achieves its most extensive Olympic presence to date at the summer games in Athens, providing sound for ten different venues including the main Olympic Stadium, site of the opening and closing ceremonies.

2004 iPod Plays to the Crowd

The SoundDock® digital music system quickly becomes the sound standard for iPod speaker systems, allowing iPod owners to listen unrestrained by headphones and share their music with others.

2004 Driving the Future

Bose moves beyond audio to unveil the revolutionary BOSE® suspension system. Proprietary BOSE® software and hardware deliver a new standard of comfort and control—a much smoother ride than any luxury sedan, with less roll and pitch than any sports car.

2004 Motion Control Made Better

Bose leverages its expertise in power electronics, controls and electromagnetic linear actuators to develop ElectroForce® linear motion systems. The result is an unprecedented degree of speed and precision in materials testing and future applications.

2005 Wireless Room-to-Room Expansion

The BOSE® Link AL8 homewide wireless audio link allows LIFESTYLE® system owners to enjoy their system in other rooms without having to run wires from the main hub.

2005 Widescreen Sound from Any TV

The CineMate® digital home cinema speaker system is designed to work easily with your TV, DVD player and/or VCR to provide a cinematic sound experience from just two speakers and a hideaway ACOUSTIMASS® module.

2006 Widescreen Sound at Your Computer

Using similar technology found in the 3·2·1 and CineMate® systems, the COMPANION® 5 multimedia speaker system delivers expansive sound from 5.1-encoded movies, games and music—from just two desktop speakers and a compact ACOUSTIMASS® module.

2006 Surround Sound Without All the Wires

The SL2 wireless surround link eliminates wires from the front to the back of your room in LIFESTYLE® home entertainment systems or ACOUSTIMASS® 5.1 home cinema speaker systems. Instead, signals are transmitted wirelessly from the ACOUSTIMASS® module to the rear speakers.

2007 A New Approach to Automotive Infotainment

The BOSE® media system debuts in the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Motorists can easily access entertainment, navigation, communication and information using a classic interface of two knobs and a few buttons.

2007 A New Standard for Small Desktop Speakers

BOSE® Computer MusicMonitor™ introduces surprising sound from just two compact speakers. Its deep low-note performance - requiring no bass module - results from proprietary Bose acoustic design combined with highly efficient amplification and transducers.

2008 Bose Founder Honored

Dr. Amar Bose was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio (US), for achievements in audio technology that "have significantly influenced the quality of how we live." All nominees must hold at least one US patent to be considered.

2009 Power and Performance for iPod

The powerful SoundDock® 10 digital music system is the best-sounding, most advanced Bose speaker system for iPod. Featuring a newly designed driver enhanced by Bose waveguide speaker technology, it is compatible with most iPhone® and iPod models, and includes an auxiliary input for additional sound sources.

2009 The Quietest Bose Headphones Ever

The headphones that pioneered an industry now reduce more noise across a wider range of frequencies than ever before. QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones are the result of significant advancements in digital signal processing technologies, offering greater attenuation in louder environments—without compromising sound quality.

2009 Partnering with Porsche for Panamera Launch

The Porsche Panamera is unveiled aboard the luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity. And Bose demonstrates the luxurious performance of our custom-engineered 5.1 surround sound system for the manufacturer's eagerly awaited four-door sedan.

2009 Marking a European Milestone with SEAT

The Bose Automotive Systems Division announces a 10-speaker Bose system will soon be available in the SEAT Exeo sedan and Exeo ST wagon, both manufactured in Spain. This marks the twentieth European car manufacturer that offers Bose sound.

2009 New ElectroForce® 9210 Stent Test Instrument

ElectroForce Systems Group introduces the ElectroForce Model 9210 drug-eluting stent test instrument—designed for stent device companies to test the fatigue and durability of metal stents and coated drug-eluting stents. New technologies enable users to test 12 stent specimens simultaneously with high-frequency performance and precision for critical measurements.

2009 A Versatile Solution for Sound System Designers

The Panaray® MA12EX loudspeaker is unveiled for sound system designers and contractors seeking more versatility in acoustically demanding environments, indoors and outdoors. It features 12 high-excursion, weather-resistant drivers in an ultra-thin enclosure.

2009 A Premium Audio Experience for Convertible Enthusiasts

The Bose Open Air Sound System debuts in the Infiniti G37 Convertible. The new system includes speakers embedded in the car's seats with proprietary technologies that adapt to the acoustic demands of the convertible's open cabin. calls it one of the top seven factory audio systems at any price.

2009 Filling the Room with One Speaker

The L1® Compact portable line array system features Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology to deliver sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience even to the extreme sides. Only one speaker is needed to deliver balanced sound throughout the room. It's the smallest and lightest L1 system, and the easiest to set up.

2009 Where Engineering and Education Come Together

The University of Calgary in Canada launches the Bose Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Technology Development Centre. The Bose Centre will enable Alberta's biomedical engineering industry to pursue the development, testing and commercialisation of biomedical applications geared towards health care diagnostics, monitoring and evaluation.

2009 The New Energy Efficient Series Sound System

Bose introduces the groundbreaking Energy Efficient Series Sound System for the Chevy Volt at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. Now, high quality audio is delivered from a sound system that is 30% smaller, 40% lighter and 50% more energy efficient. The Chevy Volt is General Motors' extended range electric vehicle.

2009 Further Advances in Automotive Noise Reduction

In Japan, Nissan introduces its new Fuga with a Bose innovation that reduces engine noise for drivers and passengers. Bose Engine Harmonic Cancellation Technology works with the vehicle's sound system to identify and reduce undesirable engine sounds in the cabin.

2010 Improved Travel for Truck Drivers

Bose announces an entirely new product for the trucking industry: The Bose Ride™ system. It replaces conventional air-ride truck seats to provide over-the-road drivers an unprecedented level of protection from road-induced shocks and vibration.

2010 Rethinking the Television Experience

Bose changes the way people look at—and listen to—television with the debut of the VideoWave® entertainment system, the only high-definition screen with a Bose home theatre sound system built inside. It introduces groundbreaking technologies and an innovative new level of control.

2010 Simplifying Home Theatre Systems

With the new Lifestyle® V-class® home theatre systems, Bose presents the Unify® intelligent integration system. It provides home theatre owners step-by-step onscreen instructions for connecting their audio/video sources, as well as one-button access to those options.

2010 In-ear Comfort and Stability

Innovative StayHear® ear tips are introduced as part of the new in-ear IE audio headphones, bringing listeners improved stability and long-lasting comfort. Fitting the ear's natural contours, the tips are designed to stay in place even during rigorous exercise.

"I like it here because you're not in some back room with a bunch of CAD machines pumping out stuff and throwing it over the wall to production. It's much more of an interactive environment with really talented engineers from all parts of the company."

Peter G., Quality Engineer