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Store Categories

  • Bose Stores Bose Stores

    Bose only stores, providing a Bose True to Life Cinema experience. At this dealer you can get a demonstration and listen to the entire Bose range, including those products that are usually only sold by Bose directly.

  • Bose Excellence Centres Bose Excellence Centres

    Premium dealers with designated Bose stores or areas where you can get demonstrations of a wide range of Bose products, also including VideoWave.
    Installation service also available.

  • Hi-Fi Dealers Hi-Fi Dealers

    Sell home cinema and speaker packages, many provide an installation service

  • Bose® VideoWave® Dealer Bose® VideoWave® Dealer

    At this dealer you can experience the VideoWave® entertainment system. You can expect the highest level of Bose customer service through every step of your purchase, from the moment you walk through our door to installation - and beyond.

  • Bose® Personal® Audio Dealer Bose® Personal® Audio Dealer

    At this dealer you can get a demonstration and listen to all Bose® Personal® Audio products with the exception of the Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones.

  • Bose® QuietComfort® Dealer Bose® QuietComfort® Dealer

    At this dealer you can get a demonstration and listen to all Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones.

  • Factory Stores Factory Stores

    Factory renewed products meet the same high standards as new products. It is returned product that has undergone re-testing and, if needed, re-manufacturing

  • Bose® L1® dealers Bose® L1® dealers

    At this dealer you can see and hear the L1® family of products for musicians

  • Aviation Headset Sales Partners Aviation Headset Sales Partners

    Where to find products for pilots

Wave® systems are not available at Centres of Excellence, Hi-Fi dealers or Personal® Audio dealers.

We would like to ensure that you receive professional support on your choice of Bose® products. We therefore attach great importance to the selection of retail partners who provide excellent service and competent advice. Here you will find only stores in your area who meet our strict criteria.

If you already have a particular Hi-Fi product in mind, we recommend that you call the store of your choice to ensure that they have the product in stock and are able to provide you with a personal demonstration.

The Wave® systems including accessories can be purchased direct from Bose on this website or by calling us on 0800 376 0837.

Bose Professional Systems for commercial installations are made available through a network of authorised Bose® Pro-Partners, all of whom have specific skillsets for a wide range of applications. For information and advice on who to contact for your commercial projects, please email or call 0870 741 4500.