About Bose Dream and Reach

Our Philosophy

Research fuels technology, and superior technology leads to superior performance. At Bose, we support our research by reinvesting a significant amount of our profits back into the company.
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A History of Bose

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, then a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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Bose in Education

The role of education has had significant influence on the creation and growth of our company. In return, we're very pleased to offer special programmes and benefits for education professionals.
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Bose Ltd.

Bose is known to discerning customers throughout the world as a provider of quality home cinema, music and loudspeaker systems. Wherever good sound is needed, Bose is there. 
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Bose® Theatre Show

This unique surround sound theatre show takes you on an exciting journey with lifelike music and breathtaking imagery. It's a chance to relax and discover how what you hear affects what you feel. And it's presented exclusively at Bose stores.
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Bose® Stores

Bose® stores make it possible for you to experience the entire consumer Bose® product range with many products available for exciting demonstrations. Bose® Factory Outlets allow us to display a large range of discounted 'factory renewed' Bose® HiFi products in a dedicated Bose® environment.
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Jobs and careers at Bose

At Bose we are very committed to our work. We would like to employ people who share our enthusiasm and who want to offer our customers exceptional long-lasting products and listening pleasure.
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Contact Us

Contact us about audio solutions for your home, business or vehicle. Bose customer service professionals are available to assist you by phone or email. 
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"I like it here because you're not in some back room with a bunch of CAD machines pumping out stuff and throwing it over the wall to production. It's much more of an interactive environment with really talented engineers from all parts of the company."

Peter G., Quality Engineer