Sound has the power to transport us.

Transform us.

To make us feel alive.

At Bose, we believe in the power of sound.

It’s the most powerful force on earth. And we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving it for nearly 60 years. Ever since our founder, Dr Amar Bose, bought a stereo system and thought, “I can make this better”, we’ve been relentlessly pushing forward to the next best thing.

Dr Amar Bose
Bose engineer placing headphones on a mannequin head

Innovation is more than what we do.

It’s who we are – constantly learning and constantly curious. We never stop imagining what better sound sounds like. We’re music fanatics and audio engineers. We’re explorers and inventors and dreamers. And we’re passionate down to our bones about making whatever you’re listening to a little more magical.

Whether jazz or trance, podcasts or films, bass or silence, we want your sound experience to deliver more. More power, more passion and more heart and soul.

Sound is power.

Our history

Discover our work on the power of sound through the decades.

Man using the Action button on the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones

Our stories

Catch up on all the latest stories and happenings here at Bose.

Our leadership

Meet the people leading Bose into a better-sounding future.

Lila Snyder
Friends on a dock listening to music on a Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Our essence and values

Learn the principles we follow every day as set down by our founders.

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