Bose Solo 5 TV sound system

Sold from 2016 – present


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For Windows PC and Mac users:

  • A computer is needed to download the update information. To retrieve this information, first power off and unplug your Bose® Solo 5 TV sound system.
  • Connect an available USB thumb drive to your computer. Make sure to remove all files from the USB.
  • Click on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button below to download the (Solo5.mdu) software file.
  • Save the (Solo5.mdu) software file to your USB drive.
  • Remove the USB drive from your computer and return to your Bose® Solo 5 TV sound system to perform the update.
  • Insert the USB drive into the connector labelled “Service”.
  • Plug in your Bose® Solo 5 TV sound system. The update will start automatically and the light will briefly flash amber every few seconds.
  • The update will take a few seconds to complete. The light on the Bose® Solo 5 TV sound system will continue to blink. When the update is finished, the light will flash green.
  • Once the light is flashing green, remove your USB drive from your Bose® Solo 5 TV sound system. The system will return to normal operation once the USB drive is removed and the system is powered on.

Service and Repairs

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