Be sure it's Bose®

Be sure it's Bose®

Only a Bose® product purchased directly from Bose or from an authorised Bose dealer is with certainty a genuine Bose® product.

Only if you have purchased it from Bose online or from the store of an authorised Bose dealer, can you be sure that the Bose® product is genuine and brand new. Furthermore, it is covered by the limited Bose warranty if it is supplied by Bose or an authorised Bose dealer.

Purchasing from a non-authorised Bose dealer can involve certain hidden risks. If, in the case of a repair or other service, the consumer cannot produce a purchase receipt from an authorised Bose dealer, the product will not be covered by any guarantee. Even worse, a product purchased from an unauthorised dealer may be counterfeit or stolen. If one tries to sell such a product, this can result in consequences under civil or even criminal law.

The number of counterfeit products in circulation is rising constantly. Bose has noticed counterfeit Bose® products being offered on Websites (E-commerce), in Web auctions and flea markets. In some cases, suppliers from China claim that they sold real "OEM" headphones. These products are however counterfeit.

Our authorised trade dealers are free to set their prices. If you come across prices which arouse suspicion that they do not comply with the high range of services and support from authorised Bose dealers or that are significantly beneath the average market price, it is highly likely that they are not original products. For your own security, please visit our dealer page in order to find an authorised Bose dealer or contact Bose in order to receive support.

How you can protect yourself against fraud:

To protect yourself against fraud, please call us without fail in cases of doubt or send us an email. On request, the employees at Bose will immediately check the extent to which the dealer with whom you are in contact or the Internet homepage you mentioned is authorised by Bose or not. Furthermore, you'll also find the addresses of Bose authorised dealers on this website.

If you would like to let us know about a suspected counterfeit product, please send an email to:

Bose House
Chatham Maritime
Kent, ME4 4QZ