ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system setup

The ADAPTiQ audio calibration process is simple. Just put on a special pair of headphones and sit in each of your five favourite home cinema seating locations. Special microphones inside the ADAPTiQ headset "listen" to the sound and analyse the response from the speakers. Bose® proprietary software automatically optimises the system performance. If you ever rearrange your furniture, or change the speaker placement or location of your Lifestyle® V-class system, just run the ADAPTiQ system again.

Note: Any other sounds in the room could interfere with the setup.

Locate the ADAPTiQ system package that came with your V-class system

On the connection panel of the media console, insert the headset plugs into the left and right analogue Aux input jacks (see illustration below). Temporarily remove any connectors that may currently be using the Aux jacks

Sit in your favourite home cinema seat and place the headset so that its ends (marked left and right) are positioned just above your ears

Turn your TV on and select the correct video input

On the remote, press the SYSTEM button and then the RIGHT ARROW to highlight the "SETUP" icon

Press the DOWN ARROW until the "ADAPTiQ" menu item is highlighted and press ENTER

Use the DOWN ARROW to select "RUN" and press ENTER to start the process. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the ADAPTiQ system calibration

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