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Difficulty controlling your system with Alexa

Note: Amazon Alexa isn’t available in all languages and countries.

If you have difficulty using voice commands with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, try the following:

Make sure that your voice assistant has been set up. For more information, see Using the Amazon Alexa voice assistant with Bose smart products

If there is excessive noise in the room (e.g. multiple people talking or loud music playing), your product might not hear you. Try reducing noise in the room, talking louder or speaking closer to the product

Try phrasing the command differently. Alexa can interpret phrases many ways, so try saying the command another way

Use typical room names for your Bose products to help Alexa find them (e.g. use "Office," "Bedroom" or "Den" instead of "John's office," "Bedroom3" or "HS500 Den"). Similarly, use typical spacing in names (e.g. "Master bedroom" instead of "Masterbedroom"). Try to avoid special characters or numbers in system names

You can rename products from the product settings in the Bose Music app

If you are unable to control a music service, make sure that the service is added to the Amazon Alexa app by going to Menu > Settings > Music & Media. Once added to the Alexa app, Alexa can play that service

When you use the Bose Music app to link your Alexa account, Amazon automatically installs the appropriate Bose Skill. However, an issue during setup may have prevented the Skill installing. Open the Amazon Alexa app and go to Menu > Skills. If the "Bose Skill (not for SoundTouch)" is not installed, search "Bose" from the Skill screen and then select and install the "Bose Skill (not for SoundTouch)"

Make sure that the product you are trying to control is linked to your account. Open the Bose Music app, go to My Bose > My Account > Manage Speakers and make sure that the product you are trying to control appears. If not, add it to your account

Reset your Bose product by disconnecting its power cable for 30 seconds

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