Fitting the sleepbuds in your ear

Choose the correct StayHear+ Sleep tip

For optimal noise masking and stability, it is important to choose the correct size StayHear+ Sleep tip. Select the size that gives you the best comfort and fit in each ear. To determine the best fit, you may need to try all three sizes. You may need a different size for each ear.

Each sleepbud and StayHear+ Sleep tip is marked with either an L or an R. Make sure to insert the left sleepbud onto the left tip and the right sleepbud onto the right tip.

Fit the sleepbuds in your ear

The StayHear+ Sleep tip lets the sleepbud rest comfortably and securely in your ear. The tip wing fits just under your ear ridge.

Place the sleepbud in your ear

Rotate the sleepbud back locking it in place

Press the tip wing to tuck it underneath your ear ridge

Check your StayHear+ Sleep tip size

To check if your current StayHear+ Sleep tip size is right for you, compare your fit to the size guide below. The tip wing should fit securely under your ear ridge without being compressed.

In addition, try the following:

  • Try speaking aloud. Your voice should sound muffled in both ears
  • Shake your head. The sleepbuds should stay secure

If the current tip size doesn’t feel secure, select another size.

Changing the StayHear+ Sleep tips

Holding the base of the attached StayHear+ Sleep tip, peel the tip back and gently slide the sleepbud out of the tip

Align the raised line near the opening of the new StayHear+ Sleep tip with the groove on the nozzle on the sleepbud. Slide the nozzle into the opening. Then, gently stretch the base of the tip around the back of the sleepbud to hold the sleepbud in place. Make sure to insert the left sleepbud into the left tip and the right sleepbud into the right tip

Make sure that the sleepbud is correctly oriented in the tip. The Bose logo on the sleepbud should face outwards and be right side up, and both charging contacts should be visible through the back of the tip

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