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Headphones’ buttons and touch controls

Your headphones include both touch control and physical buttons. Use touch control by swiping or tapping the touch surface of the headphones. With touch control, you can play or pause audio, skip forwards or backwards, change the volume and perform basic call functions. Buttons have default functionality such as noise cancellation levels and voice assistant, but can also be customised in the Bose Music app.

Touch controls

The touch surface is located on the front of the right earcup.

Media and volume controls

Play/Pause: Double tap to play or pause audio

Skip forwards: Swipe forwards to skip to the next track

Skip back: Swipe backwards to skip to the previous track

Change the volume: Swipe up to increase, down to decrease

Call controls

Answer/End a call: Double tap to answer or end a call

Decline an incoming call: Tap and hold for one second

Mute a call: While on a call, press and release the Voice Assistant button to mute the microphone

Customise shortcut

You can customise a shortcut for the tap and hold action on the headphones to perform one of two functions:

  • Announce the battery level (default)
  • Disable/Enable the wake word for your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

To customise touch control, use the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu. Once customised, tap and hold for your preferred function.

Button controls

The buttons on your headphones include:

Power/Bluetooth button

Voice Assistant button

Noise Control button

Power/Bluetooth button

  • Press and release to turn the headphones on/off
  • Press and hold to pair a Bluetooth device. You will hear “Ready to connect another device” and the Bluetooth light will slowly pulse blue

Voice Assistant button

  • You can program the headphones to quickly and easily access your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or voice control capabilities on your mobile device
  • When using Amazon Alexa, press and release the button. After hearing a tone, say your request. For more information about using Alexa, see Using Amazon Alexa
  • When using your Google Assistant, press and hold the button while you say your request. Press and release the button to hear your notifications. For more information about using the Google Assistant, see Using the Google Assistant

Noise Control button

  • Press and release to hear the current noise cancellation level
  • Repeat until you hear your preferred level
  • Press and hold for one second for Conversation Mode. For more information, see Using Conversation Mode

To customise default noise cancelling levels, use the Bose Music app. For more information, see Adjusting noise cancellation levels.

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