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Connecting a Bluetooth device

Slide the power switch to the Bluetooth symbol and hold until you hear "Ready to connect" or the Bluetooth indicator blinks blue

On your Bluetooth device, turn on the Bluetooth feature
Tip: The Bluetooth menu is usually found in the Settings menu.

Select your Bose QuietComfort headphones from the device list

Once connected, you hear "Connected to <device name>"or the Bluetooth indicator glows solid white.

When powered on, the headphones try to reconnect with the two most recently connected devices. Make sure the devices are within range, powered on with Bluetooth enabled.

Connecting using the Bose Connect app

On your device, make sure Bluetooth® is turned on

Turn on your headphones

If the Bluetooth indicator is flashing blue, the product is ready to pair. Go to Step 3

If the Bluetooth indicator is flashing white, the product is attempting to connect to a previously connected device. Slide the power switch to the Bluetooth symbol and hold until you hear “Ready to connect” or the Bluetooth indicator blinks blue

Earcup showing the power switch and the motion to slide it to the Bluetooth symbol. Inset of Bluetooth indicator.

Open the Bose Connect app and wait while it searches for available Bose Bluetooth products

Locate your headphones to pair to the device. If you have more than one Bose Bluetooth product, swipe left or right to find your headphones

Drag the product icon onto the “Drag to connect” field on the bottom of the screen, then release the icon

Android devices: The products pair. This is confirmed when the product icon is displayed with its volume slider

Apple devices: A pop-up appears instructing you to go to the device’s Bluetooth settings and choose the Bose headphones

A pop-up might appear asking for the product’s permission to access the connected device’s call log. Allow access so the phone’s caller ID and voice input will work with the product