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Speaker button functions

Power button

  • The small raised ridge below the button allows you to locate it without having to look at the speaker
  • Press to turn the speaker on and announce the battery level. The light below the button glows white when the speaker is on and has greater than 10% battery charge remaining. The light will blink white when the speaker is on and charging
  • Press and hold for two seconds to turn the speaker off. The speaker plays a tone to indicate that it has turned off

    To save battery power, the speaker automatically turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity when it is not plugged in, not connected to a Wi-Fi network and not playing audio

Bluetooth® button

  • Only functions when the speaker is on
  • Press briefly to reconnect with the most recently used Bluetooth device. If the speaker cannot connect to that device, it will begin searching for other previously connected devices
  • Press and hold to disconnect the current device and enable connection to a new Bluetooth device
  • Press and hold for ten seconds to clear the memory of all previously connected Bluetooth devices

Volume buttons

  • Briefly press either volume button once to incrementally change the volume
  • Press and hold either volume button to continuously change the volume

    When changing the volume, a white light appears in the light ring to indicate the current volume level

Play/Pause button

  • Press once to begin playback or pause what is currently being played
  • Press twice to skip to the next track
  • Press three times to return to the previous track or to the beginning of the current track depending on the music player in use
  • Press and hold for ten seconds to force the speaker to reboot

Microphone off button

  • Disables the microphone in the speaker. The light above the button glows red to indicate that the microphone is off
  • When the red light above the button is lit, pressing this button enables the microphone so the speaker can listen for a voice assistant wake word

Action button

  • Press to wake voice assistance, dismiss voice assistance, or stop timers and alarms set using the voice assistant

Functions available by pressing a combination of buttons

  • To disable and re-enable Wi-Fi functionality, press and hold the Bluetooth and Play/Pause buttons for five seconds until the light ring is filled with white light
  • To restore the speaker to its factory defaults, press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume up buttons for ten seconds until the light ring is filled with white light
  • To enable the Wi-Fi set-up mode, press and hold the Volume down and Play/Pause buttons for five seconds. The top and bottom of the light ring glows amber when the speaker is in the Wi-Fi set-up mode
  • To check for a software update, press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume down buttons for ten seconds until the light ring is filled with white light

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