Radio troubleshooting

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How can I improve my radio reception?

Check for interference around your Bose® system. Major electronic appliances, such as microwaves, refrigerators and wireless routers, can cause radio interference. You may also want to try the system in a different location

Straighten the power cable as much as possible to optimise reception. The radio power cable is also the FM antenna

Try a reset. Turn off your system and unplug from power for 60 seconds. Once reconnected to power, check to see if the reception has improved

Why does the radio stay on the same station every time I press a preset?

Make sure you are not holding down the preset number when trying to recall a station. Tap and release quickly to recall a station. Pressing and holding the button for more than a few seconds will programme the current station to that preset number

How do you program radio presets?

You can store up to six FM and six AM radio stations for quick recall using the presets buttons.

To store a preset, follow these steps:

Using the SEEK/TRACK buttons, tune to the station you want to save as a preset


Press and hold one of the six presets until you hear a double beep. The preset number and station frequency will appear on the display


To use a preset, press one of the presets to quickly tune to a previously stored FM or AM station.

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