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Setting and playing a preset using the SoundTouch app

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To set a preset:

In the top-left corner, select Menu (≡)
Note: On desktops and tablets, if the Menu icon (≡) is not visible, the slide-out menu might already be open

Select an option from which to stream your music. Options may include:

  • Recents
  • Music library
  • Music services
  • Internet radio

Select and hold the music content

The presets will appear at the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop the highlighted content to a preset number and hold it there until the preset is set

To play a preset:

Select the preset icon in the top-right corner and select a preset that appears at the bottom of the screen.

If no music plays and a “preset unassigned” message appears on the display, you must assign content to the preset.

To change/delete a preset:

You can override and change any preset by dragging and dropping new content to any desired preset number. Just like setting a preset, make sure you hold the new highlighted content on the preset number until the new preset is set.

Note: Presets can only be overwritten, not permanently deleted.

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