System setup

Your speaker is dispatched with a partial charge. Before using your speaker for the first time, connect it to an AC (mains) outlet. Your speaker does not need to be fully charged, but it does require the initial connection to activate the battery.

Plug the small end of the USB cable into the micro-B USB connector on your speaker

Plug the other end into the USB power supply

Plug the USB power supply into an AC (mains) outlet. If necessary, plug the AC adapter for your region into the AC (mains) outlet. The battery indicator blinks Amber, and your speaker emits a tone. When fully charged, the indicator glows Green

Tips on placing the speaker

When using your speaker indoors, sound quality can vary with speaker placement. When using your speaker outdoors, sound quality will change as you move farther from the speaker. Keep the following guidelines in mind when placing your speaker:

  • The speaker’s Bluetooth range is 9 metres (30 ft). If you move the device further away from the speaker, sound quality will be affected and the device may disconnect from the speaker
  • Keep other wireless equipment at least 1 m (3 ft) away from your speaker
  • Place your speaker and your device outside of and away from metal cabinets, other audio/video components and direct heat sources
  • Do not place the speaker on wet or dirty surfaces

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