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System status indicators

The status indicators located next to the control buttons illuminate or flash to show the status of the speaker.

Battery LED: Shows the battery charge level. Each time you power on your speaker, the battery indicator displays the battery charge level for two seconds and a voice prompt announces the battery charge level.

  • Solid Green: Medium to full charge
  • Blinking Amber: Charging
  • Solid Amber: Medium charge
  • Red (flashing): Needs to be charged

Bluetooth® LED: Shows the connection status of a mobile device.

  • Off: Bluetooth source not selected
  • Blinking Blue: Ready to pair
  • Blinking White: Connecting
  • Solid White: Connected

Input LED: Shows the connection status of a device connected with an Aux or micro-B USB cable.

  • Solid white: Speaker is ready to play content from a device

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