Unable to access certain music library tracks

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Try the following if you experience issues playing some tracks in your music library.

If tracks were recently added, re-sync the music library to refresh the library’s available tracks. For instructions, see Syncing the music library

If using iTunes 12.2 or newer, open iTunes and select iTunes > Preferences > Advanced. In the Advanced settings, make sure that “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications” is ticked so the iTunes library is available to the SoundTouch system

If the computer containing the music library was updated to a newer operating system, try removing and then re-adding the library to your SoundTouch account:

  1. Open the SoundTouch app on the computer containing the music library
  2. Select the Menu icon (≡) in the top-left corner and select “Settings > Music services > Music Library” (Note: On desktops and tablets, if the Menu icon (≡) is not visible, the slide-out menu might already be open)
  3. Select the library showing “This computer”
  4. Select “REMOVE MUSIC LIBRARY”. A confirmation pop-up will appear
  5. Select “REMOVE”
  6. Add your music library back to your SoundTouch account. For help, see Adding a music library to SoundTouch

Determine the file type of the audio track and verify it is one of the supported formats listed below (Note: There are no known bitrate limitations with these formats but sample rates are limited to 96 kHz):  

  • MP3
  • AAC (excluding Protected files)
  • M4A (including Apple Lossless [ALAC] files)
  • WMA (excluding WMA Lossless files)  

Unsupported file types will either need to be converted, re-ripped or re-obtained in one of the supported formats above

If the file is an audiobook with the “.m4b” extension:  

  1. Locate the file on your computer or NAS drive
  2. Change the file’s extension from “.m4b” to “.m4a”
  3. Re-add the file to your music library. If using iTunes, right-click the file in iTunes and choose “Get Info > Options”. In Options, set “Media Kind” to “Music”
  4. Re-sync the music library. For instructions, see Syncing the music library

Search for the track in the program used to manage your music library (Windows Media Player or iTunes) and make sure that it can be played by the program. If not, there is an issue with the track

Cloud storage is not supported. Instead, download the desired tracks from the cloud to the computer or NAS drive containing your music library, then re-sync the library. For instructions, see Syncing the music library

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