Acoustic Wave® music system II

Sold from 2006 – 2018

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Disc compatibility charts

Find out which types of audio and video discs can be played by this system.

Audio Disc Compatibility

CD CD-R CD-RW MP3 CD MP3 DVD WMA CD AAC CD Super Audio CD DVD-Audio DualDisc (CD side)
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No

Playability of Super Audio CDs

The system plays only standard CD audio tracks on a hybrid SACD disc. Hybrid discs contain both the SACD and standard CD formats.

If the SACD disc is not a hybrid, you need a dedicated SACD player. Connect this player to the Bose system using the stereo inputs or AUX IN. Since the Bose system does not have multi-channel input jacks, the sound from the SACD player will be delivered in stereo.

Playability of DualDisc CD/DVDs

The CD side of a DualDisc does not conform to the Phillips and Sony Red Book audio CD standards. DualDiscs are not allowed to display the CD logo. The CD side of the DualDisc may not play consistently or at all due to the fact that the CD layer is thinner than the standard. Most DualDiscs contain one of two warnings:
  • "This disc is intended to play on standard DVD and CD players. It may not play on certain car, slot-load players and mega-disc changers"
  • "The audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specifications and therefore not all DVD and CD players will play the audio side of this disc"
The DVD side of a DualDisc conforms to DVD Forum specifications. DualDiscs are allowed to display the DVD logo.

The 1.5 mm-thick DualDisc is .3mm thicker than a conventional CD, which may not load or eject properly in a slot-loading CD player.

MP3 compatibility requirements

Bose systems do not play MP3s recorded at rates lower than 64kbps. Audio quality is very low below that point. Bose systems may have problems reading MP3s recorded at a variable bit rate. The track may play, but if the bit rate falls below 64kbps the decoder does not have enough digital information to play audio.

MP3s created with a volume-leveling feature are not compatible with Bose systems. (Current versions of MusicMatch, a CD-ripping software program, have a volume-leveling feature, which, when enabled, creates a consistent volume level for all tracks.)

MP3 filenames should contain only one period (.). The system looks for the .MP3 extension to identify the file type. For example, the system would be unable to interpret a filename with two periods such as "HILL ST. BLUES.MP3" because it would be seen as a ". BLUES" file.

Information, such as graphics and song lyrics, may not be recognized by your system. (The latest CD-ripping programs can help you differentiate ID3 Version 1 and 2 tags and may also allow you to convert Version 2 to Version 1.)

Do not use software such as Direct CD which uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to drag and drop files from a hard drive to a CD. This CD burning method generates CDs that are incompatible with your system. Use a software program that displays an actual user interface.

MP3 tips

  1. Rip CDs between 128 and 256kbps, with a 44.1khz sampling rate. iTunes is recommended
  2. Burn (and finalize) the CD in one session only. A multi-session disc may play, but it is not always compatible, and may result in intermittent audio
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