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A20 aviation headset

Sold from 2024 – present

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Cleaning your headset

Keeping you product clean helps it operate at its best. Find tips for keeping you product clean.

General cleaning

Gently wipe the outside surfaces of the headband, connectors, plastic parts, and headband cushion, using a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. Take special care when cleaning the ear cushions and the outside surfaces of the earcups. Do not immerse ear cushions in water or any other liquid

Headset earcup openings
The headset openings must remain clean and free of debris. Check to ensure that the openings on each earcup are clean before each flight. When wiping down the headset earcups, be sure not to force any dirt or debris into the openings. Carefully use tweezers, if necessary, to remove foreign matter that may be lodged in the openings. Do not blow air into or vacuum the openings as this may damage the headset

Earcup inner screen
Do not attempt to remove, replace, repair, or clean this component. Located inside the earcup, the inner screen is critical to proper headset operation. If the screen appears to be damaged or worn out, contact Bose. If the inner screen becomes damp from environmental moisture such as light rain, dew, perspiration, or condensation, allow it to air dry only. Do not use electric heaters, blowers, or hairdryer-type devices to dry the inner screen.

Microphone windscreen
Remove the windscreen from the microphone as described in Replacing the microphone windscreen on your headset. Wash the windscreen by immersing in mild soapy water. Rinse, air dry,and reattach the windscreen

Headband cushion
Remove the cushion as described in Replacing the headband cushion on your headset. Place the cushion in a solution of water and a mild detergent. Allow the cushion to air dry, then reattach.